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How to Stay Motivated and Positive on Your Fitness Journey

27 July 2011 2 Comments

Most of the emails that I get from clients have to do with frustration over results and thoughts of giving up. Some don’t feel that they’re getting results fast enough, others find that committing to the time it takes on a daily basis can be overwhelming. There is also the daily temptations at work and social gatherings that can sabotage even the most committed fitness enthusiast.

So… how do we continue to stay motivated and positive as we strive to reach, or maintain our fitness and health goals?

First we have to be practical… occasionally life will throw you curve balls and you have to miss a workout. Summer is here along with BBQ’s, beer and margaritas. Your child has a game, or sore throat… your car needs new tires or has to have some work done. All of these things are “speed bumps”, not road blocks. Now if you’re like me, you get frustrated (or even a little angry) when you have to detour from your routine. When I’m in the zone and working out, I get a little grumpy when I have to miss a workout. Recognize that it’s just one day, pick up where you left off… or just skip that workout… and move on!!!

Big weekend coming up with friends at the lake??? Go have a great time… then pick up where you left off. If you have been working hard prior to a splurge then use it as a reward! Now, I’m not saying go eat til you pop or drink til you get drunk! I believe in moderation! Portion control and choices are still vitally important in your new lifestyle! But… have a little BBQ, but maybe skip the bun and some of the more fattening sides. Pick the fresh cut up veggies, watermelon and perhaps a side of baked beans. I will usually opt for a drink and skip the dessert. YOU are in control of what you put in your mouth.

Losing interest in your current workout or finished round 1? Pick a new program to keep your interest peaked and your body confused. Take a walk, or run, or hike, or bike for a change of pace. Hit the gym and mix it up… I like to use my elyptical for a quick workout sometimes. If you’re finishing up with P90X, try Turbo Fire, or Insanity, or one of the other Beachbody workout programs. Tony Horton even has some One on One workouts to add variety. He even has the new P90X2 coming out this September (I can’t WAIT for that one!) Check out the drop down fitness tab above to check out just a few of the options!

Being positive all the time can be tricky. If you are not hitting your goals as you expect it’s normal to be frustrated… but… you have to take a step back and reassess. Are you eating clean (remember diet is at least 80% of any fitness plan). Are you pushing play every day? Are you taking your measurements and pictures??? The scale is not the best judge of your progress. I was thinking that I was making NO progress during my first round of P90X… it wasn’t til phase 3 that I saw my biggest progress… and I was so thankful that I took my measurements and pictures to truly document my transformation.

Set realistic goals and then do your part to make them happen. Remember that you may have to do more than one round of your program if you have a lot of weight to lose. Some of us didn’t gain all of our weight in 3 months… so we might need just a little longer than that to take it off.

Remember that you will sweat, you will be sore (relish in that… it means it’s working!!!)… you will eventually have more energy and your clothes will be loose!!! Listen to your body…. if something actually hurts when you do it… then don’t do it!!! Check your posture and your form… usually a little adjustment will take away the pain.

Mirrors are a GREAT motivator! Not only to check your form, but to help you see why you are doing what you’re doing and revel in your success!!!

Contact me for motivation and help! Email me at lifechangingfitnessplan@gmail.com or make me your coach  (for free!) (click on the coach tab above)

Get motivated to make a change today! Decide, Commit, Succeed!!!


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  • Jim said:

    working hard and getting results is one of the best ways to have a positive attitude, good stuff Karen.

  • Dan V. said:

    Solid advice. Mindset and variety go a long, long way.

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