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Overcoming Obstacles

8 August 2011 2 Comments

I recently had the challenge of being confronted with a family crises that pushed me to the very limits of my being. It left me emotionally drained and I felt a heaviness in my heart that I have not felt in a very long time. Even now, the thought of this “road block” brings tears to my eyes, and pain in my chest. I am writing about this to share what I have learned, not to dwell on what brought me here. Suffice it to say… so far the crises has been diverted, prayers answered, and we are all moving forward.

What I do want to share is how I handled this incident and more importantly what I learned about how I may have been able to handle it more effectively.

What I did (or didn’t do):  Unfortunately when I’m upset or stressed my diet goes out the window… but not like you’re thinking. I do not binge or stray by eating things I shouldn’t, instead I lose my appetite and only eat enough to keep from passing out. I forget to take care of myself and don’t drink enough water. Sometimes I even think that taking a “drink” or two (or more) will help ease or dull the pain. I did not exercise, even though I knew it would likely make me feel better. My focus was on the “crises” in front of me and the penetrating thoughts that I allowed to pull me away from my positive thoughts and energy. Amazing how draining this can be! I could not sleep…

I try hard not to dwell even on the most recent past. I am not writing this to share my “guilt” for falling off of my quest to eat healthy and work out to be fit. Life happens and sometimes gets in the way. I believe in forgiving yourself and moving forward. I am back to my lifestyle (after sleeping almost 12 hours last night… I for one believe that you can catch up on lost sleep). I’m trying to learn as I go and share that with you. I will not lose sight on my goals and refuse to use this as an opportunity to say “oh well, I’ve blown it, I may as well give up now… I’m a failure”.

What will I do next time?:  Well, my hope is that I will learn from this and next time take better care of myself and those around me. I recognize that working out would have helped me to better cope with the chaos around me. Taking the time to exercise would have been just the distraction that I needed. Something to focus on and distract me.

One thing that did help me tremendously was the ability to talk with someone else. By having someone available to share my thoughts and ideas with, I was able to have the support I needed.

So what is the purpose of this post? I hope to give others hope that you can get back on track. We can all overcome whatever obstacles that life puts in our path. We need to stay focused and try to take care of ourselves. Find someone that you can talk to. Make a goal list and put it in your pocket or purse. Something that you can pull out and look at to remind you of what’s important. No one else can take care of you the way that YOU can. The power of positive thinking and prayer works wonders also!

I can be here for you! I can help you to over come the obstacles in your life… the one’s that keep you from obtaining your goals. I can overcome your excuses that keep you from eating right and working out. Contact me for more information, help, support and motivation. Email me at Lifechangingfitnessplan@gmail.com or sign up for free to make me your Coach!



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  • Jim said:

    My heart goes out to you Karen. It’s so hard to have your goals and your focus interrupted by a crises, but such is life and we all have those bumps in the road. What determines the outcome is the way you handle those bumps in the road and it looks like you handled it well.

  • Dan V. said:

    Great post– it may not be for everybody at all times but there’s nothing more true about a crisis throwing everything into turmoil. Obstacles can be tough to work through but no matter their ending (good or bad) they will come to an end– personally, I’ve found as tough as it can be to work up motivation when you’re low, taking care of yourself not only alleviates the pressures of dealing with crisis but gives an outlet as well. Great post.

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